Throne of Cards IV – Qualifier on

On April 8th Lifecoach is inviting the #Hearthstone Pro Scene to Vienna for a very special tournament.

You want to participate in the Throne of Cards IV, challenge
SuperJJ, Dima “Rdu“ Radu, Stanislav Cifka, mryagutC4mlann, Xixo
and strive for the prize pool of 5.000 €?

Then visit, win one of the three open qualifiers and find yourself being casted on!

1⃣1⃣ 1⃣1⃣
 18th of March, 12 pm CET

2⃣2⃣ 2⃣2⃣
🕑🕑 26th of March, 2 pm CET 🕑🕑

3⃣3⃣ 3⃣3⃣
🕢🕢 29th of March, 6:30 pm CET 🕢🕢

#ToC #strivewire 

Checkout…/throne-of-cards-iv-spring-…/ for more detailed information!


New Hearthstone Expansion!

the new #hearthstone expansion is finally available on all servers and the whole StriveWire team wishes you a lot of fun with it and especially a lot of good draws in your first packs! 😉
Let’s see what the new meta will look like and see you soon in one of our tournaments on!
Have a nice weekend!

More frequent daily tournaments for EU servers

Hey friends!

We want to give you the possibilty to play Hearthstone tournaments whenever you want! In order to reduce the waiting time and offer you as many events as possible, our daily challenges now start every 30 minutes between 12 and 6 pm on week days!

Checkout, choose the tournament of your choice, and discover a new Hearthstone experience!



10,000€+ Tournament Series powered by inObsession & StriveWire


We have big news for our German-speaking Hearthstone EU community! We are happy to announce a new partner community on StriveWire, inObsession. InObsession aims at becoming a premium tournament organizer and eSports content provider covering the German-speaking eSports scene… and they have VERY good arguments:

Inobsession will host a FREAKING CRAZY 10,000 € TOURNAMENT SERIES on StriveWire!

The tournament series will run for 12 months and will span multiple events! On top of the 10,000 € provided by inObsession, StriveWire will provide another 700€ to be distributed to lower-ranked players! The first event will take place tomorrow, March 04, 2016, 8PM CET, and has a prize pool of 358 €!

Make sure to get yourself a slot in the first event asap – there are only 128 spots available! See the tournament info page for more information on the entire tournament series! Access is restricted to German-speaking players only!

We are looking forward to this awesome tournament series and some epic matches!


Your StriveWire Team

The Throne of Cards #2



The Throne of Cards is back! After the successful first edition of the tournament series Egoperspektive has decided -with the support of Hi-tech and Hitbox– to give the players a second chance to win the prize money of 600€! In the Qualifiers the participants will, besides the 50€, fight over one of the 16 slots for the 32-players finals on December, 12th. This final will be endowed with 500€ and, as are the Qualifiers, be casted live by MissOfEvil, MaynardTCox and Egoperspektive at

With sketch97 we’ve already found our winner of the first Qualifier. You can find the 16 qualified names here.

The next (and last!) chance to snatch a slot for the Throne of Cards #2 is on November, 28th. There will be further 512 player to fight for glory, honour and the opportunity to strive for the 500€ prize pool!


Good luck!




Update #9

It’s Halloween! While you were busy creating costumes and planning parties we’ve been busy thinking about how to improve StriveWire. After all, we want to offer you –our gamers- an even better tournament platform! That’s why we’ll be adding more and more new features over the next few weeks. So far we’ve established the filter function on the overview page, (finally) the option to remove the check-in email reminder, several visual improvements as well as the friends function, which is necessary to incorporate a messaging system on as quickly as possible. You can also look forward to receive achievements!

But of course there’re not only new functions and features. There are also new tournament series that are worth mentioning! Besides regular Swiss Events such as New Order Open or ElphinoHS Open we’re happy to announce the second Throne of Cards! This time there will be 2 Qualifier Tournaments (First one taking place November 7th) with a prize pool of 50€ each! And the top 16 among the participants will qualify for the final event with a prize pool of 500€. Secure your spots and best of luck!

Our Starcraft2 and Rocket League tournaments are now taking place every Sunday at 7 pm CET. However, the interesting news are that we changed the format to Double Elimination Group Stage! That means the each player has at least 2 games to play and will only be kicked out after he has lost 2 matches. Best of luck and get some experience as Casual Players in the much-loved DE Group Stage offline mode!


Good luck and Strive for More!

StriveWire’s Macro Gods : New tournament series [Starcraft 2 : HotS]


Join our weekly Starcraft 2 : HotS Tournament on!
each sunday at 7pm CEST and compete for 5 €

Macro Gods is a free-to-play tournament with open registration. To participate, you only need a StriveWire Account in order to sign up for the tournament.
The games are played in Best-of 3 until the finals, the final will be played as a Best-of 5 series.

Waiting List: You are not within the first 16 sign-ups? Don’t worry, we have a waiting list! Members of our waiting list can check-in and receive a slot if anybody of the signed-up participants is not showing up!

Tournament Links