Rocket League is back on StriveWire!

We are happy to announce that both #RocketLeague and are back on StriveWire!

Together with our beloved Rocket League caster we organize a new monthly Rocket League tournament series the #ZwergenTurnier!

The first edition will take place the 17th of February (Friday) with a buyin of 2 € and a total prize pool of 81,60 € for 16 teams!!

Grab your spot at
and show us your Rocket League plays, we look forward to some epic matches!



New Hearthstone Expansion!

the new #hearthstone expansion is finally available on all servers and the whole StriveWire team wishes you a lot of fun with it and especially a lot of good draws in your first packs! 😉
Let’s see what the new meta will look like and see you soon in one of our tournaments on!
Have a nice weekend!

StriveWire App now available in Google Play Store

We are happy to announce that StriveWire has just released its first iPhone App which is available for download in the App Store from now on! Do you want to join, check-in and even play entire tournaments on your iPhone? Then you should download the StriveWire iOS App asap! 🙂

Together with our first Android App, StriveWire is now bringing its thrilling tournament experience to your mobile device. Get notifications when your match starts, take screenshots and directly puload them using the App, chat with tournament admins and other users – just as you are used to when playing a tournament on StriveWire.

We hope you enjoy our first iPhone and Android Apps! In case you have any suggestions how to improve the Apps, new features you want to see etc., just email us via or directly contact an admin in one of the tournament chats. We are constantly working on improving the Apps, and your feedback is warmly welcome.

We are looking forward to seening you guys soon in one of our tournaments again – maybe you will be using the StriveWire App next time?! 😉

Your StriveWire Team

10,000€+ Tournament Series powered by inObsession & StriveWire


We have big news for our German-speaking Hearthstone EU community! We are happy to announce a new partner community on StriveWire, inObsession. InObsession aims at becoming a premium tournament organizer and eSports content provider covering the German-speaking eSports scene… and they have VERY good arguments:

Inobsession will host a FREAKING CRAZY 10,000 € TOURNAMENT SERIES on StriveWire!

The tournament series will run for 12 months and will span multiple events! On top of the 10,000 € provided by inObsession, StriveWire will provide another 700€ to be distributed to lower-ranked players! The first event will take place tomorrow, March 04, 2016, 8PM CET, and has a prize pool of 358 €!

Make sure to get yourself a slot in the first event asap – there are only 128 spots available! See the tournament info page for more information on the entire tournament series! Access is restricted to German-speaking players only!

We are looking forward to this awesome tournament series and some epic matches!


Your StriveWire Team

Update #9

It’s Halloween! While you were busy creating costumes and planning parties we’ve been busy thinking about how to improve StriveWire. After all, we want to offer you –our gamers- an even better tournament platform! That’s why we’ll be adding more and more new features over the next few weeks. So far we’ve established the filter function on the overview page, (finally) the option to remove the check-in email reminder, several visual improvements as well as the friends function, which is necessary to incorporate a messaging system on as quickly as possible. You can also look forward to receive achievements!

But of course there’re not only new functions and features. There are also new tournament series that are worth mentioning! Besides regular Swiss Events such as New Order Open or ElphinoHS Open we’re happy to announce the second Throne of Cards! This time there will be 2 Qualifier Tournaments (First one taking place November 7th) with a prize pool of 50€ each! And the top 16 among the participants will qualify for the final event with a prize pool of 500€. Secure your spots and best of luck!

Our Starcraft2 and Rocket League tournaments are now taking place every Sunday at 7 pm CET. However, the interesting news are that we changed the format to Double Elimination Group Stage! That means the each player has at least 2 games to play and will only be kicked out after he has lost 2 matches. Best of luck and get some experience as Casual Players in the much-loved DE Group Stage offline mode!


Good luck and Strive for More!

StriveWire’s Weekly Update #3

It’s been very quiet for a while but still a lot happened. StriveWire bloomed, the first Payment Tournaments took place successfully and you can even earn WCS qualifier points now. Wait. What? WCS points? Tournaments with fees? Let’s start over:

As you may have heard in our announcements, the first tournaments with entrance fee took place at the end of January/beginning of February! With a prize pool of 40€ and 8 participants looking forward to it with excitement, we were all able to enjoy thrilling games. We’re looking forward to cater this kind of thrill and fun with similar (and regular!) tournaments.

With these new modifications we also gave our appearance a visual update. We kept the slim and simple design, but tried to make it neater. We made small changes from the Landing page to Tournament Overviews and Lobby and the Match Reports that will hopefully help you feel even more at ease on our page.

Ok ok, now let me come to the most important news: The WCS qualification. Yes, you heard right! Now you can earn World Championship Quialifier Points in our StriveWire Qualifiers. Keep checking our Tournament Browse Page in order to secure yourself a place in this cup. But don’t worry if you’re a little late, there’s still our waiting list!

So, that’s the last 3 weeks summed up. However, this is not all. As a prospect for the coming weeks we’re introducing some minor and major updates (ehem.. automatic ban system) and in medium run a new game next to Heathstone!

The next Weekly update will be available next week. Good luck on the tournaments and try to overthrow peteros from the Elo-throne!

Strive for More