Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Another Year is about to end and we hope that you all enjoy the holidays together with your friends and families!

As every year we try to provide a tournament schedule for all the players who wish to play tournaments during the christmas days, feel free to join our Beginners tournaments and our Cash tournaments which start as soon as all slots are taken!

Furthermore, we are proud to announce that the HWC tournament season is about to begin and that you can acquire Qualifier Points for the World Championship in our#hearthstone tournaments starting on the 5th of January!

Check out reserve the slot of your choice.

See you soon!


New Hearthstone Expansion!

the new #hearthstone expansion is finally available on all servers and the whole StriveWire team wishes you a lot of fun with it and especially a lot of good draws in your first packs! 😉
Let’s see what the new meta will look like and see you soon in one of our tournaments on!
Have a nice weekend!

More frequent daily tournaments for EU servers

Hey friends!

We want to give you the possibilty to play Hearthstone tournaments whenever you want! In order to reduce the waiting time and offer you as many events as possible, our daily challenges now start every 30 minutes between 12 and 6 pm on week days!

Checkout, choose the tournament of your choice, and discover a new Hearthstone experience!



Hearthstone entry-fee tournaments are back again on StriveWire!

Last week, StriveWire re-introduced entry-fee tournaments to the platform! This means: More payouts, more thrill, more cash – every day on StriveWire! We have started with Hearthstone and will expand to all other games within the next weeks!

Use your prior tournament winnings or upload fresh money onto your StriveWire Online Wallet and join our brand-new entry-fee tournaments!

It doesn’t matter if an entry-fee tournament is denominated in EUR, USD or RUB – you can join ANY entry-fee tournament you like! StriveWire automatically converts the entry-fee to your Online Wallet currency.

Last week, you guys have won hundreds of EUR via entry-fee tournaments! We are looking forward to seeing more entry-fee tournament action going forward!

GL, HF & see you soon in your next tournament on StriveWire!

Your StriveWire Team

Donations now available on StriveWire

We have exciting news for you: As of today, donations are available on StriveWire! Do you want to support us in further developing the platform and the tournament offerings? Now you can do so by donating funds to us!
You can either donate part of your recent tournament winnings to StriveWire or even donate part of your accumulated winnings on your online wallet! Any donation – being it small or large – is warmly welcome! 🙂 In exchange, you will receive an exclusive StriveWire-supporter badge which is shown in your user profile! Stay tuned for more updates to come within the next days!
We are looking forward to further developing StriveWire together with you! Thank you very much for your continuous support and for any donation!

Your StriveWire Team

StriveWire and GamerSensei agree to continue partnership!

StriveWire is proud to announce the continued partnership with GamerSensei, your premium on-demand eSports coaching platform! GamerSensei will sponsor tournament prizes in excess of USD 1,500 per month!

Tournaments sponsored by GamerSensei will span Hearthstone and League of Legends for starters – both for users in Europe and the Americas! Most tournaments sponsored by GamerSensei will be password-protected. You can easily obtain the password by creating an account on – that’s it! Just make sure to complete your user profile on the GamerSensei-website and select your preferred games in order to receive the respective StriveWire tournament passwords. GamerSensei will send out emails to registered users with the tournament passwords 48 hours before a tournaments start and also immediately before the tournaments start so that last-minute-registrations are possible as well! 🙂

Make sure to register on the GamerSensei-website asap so that you will receive any tournament passwords in due time. Once again, a big shoutout to our partner GamerSensei for this generous sponsoring!

We are looking forward to some awesome tournament action!


Your StriveWire Team