Happy New Year <3


Thanks for the support and all the fun and lovely moments we have shared this year. Counting our blessings and wishing you even more!

We hope this year will be as prosperous and exciting as 2017! As people say:

Out with the old, in with the new; cheers to the future and all that we do!

Happy New Year and have a great 2018!

Your StriveWire Team


Update #9

It’s Halloween! While you were busy creating costumes and planning parties we’ve been busy thinking about how to improve StriveWire. After all, we want to offer you –our gamers- an even better tournament platform! That’s why we’ll be adding more and more new features over the next few weeks. So far we’ve established the filter function on the overview page, (finally) the option to remove the check-in email reminder, several visual improvements as well as the friends function, which is necessary to incorporate a messaging system on StriveWire.com as quickly as possible. You can also look forward to receive achievements!

But of course there’re not only new functions and features. There are also new tournament series that are worth mentioning! Besides regular Swiss Events such as New Order Open or ElphinoHS Open we’re happy to announce the second Throne of Cards! This time there will be 2 Qualifier Tournaments (First one taking place November 7th) with a prize pool of 50€ each! And the top 16 among the participants will qualify for the final event with a prize pool of 500€. Secure your spots and best of luck!

Our Starcraft2 and Rocket League tournaments are now taking place every Sunday at 7 pm CET. However, the interesting news are that we changed the format to Double Elimination Group Stage! That means the each player has at least 2 games to play and will only be kicked out after he has lost 2 matches. Best of luck and get some experience as Casual Players in the much-loved DE Group Stage offline mode!


Good luck and Strive for More!

Update #8

Autumn is here, as are the rainy days, gone are days where you hid from the sunlight! But what has happened over the last couple of weeks? The Teufel Sound System Challenge #1 has found a dignified winner in Kolde. Congrats for winning the Teufel Sound System! We’re looking forward to new events, Wired Wednesday and Thirsty Thursday sponsored by Caseking, and of course the Eizo Community Cup by TakeTV, which will take place the first time on October, 12th,

But that’s not all! We’re excited to tell you that we got to host the very first Swiss Mode tournament on StriveWire and none other than Firebat from Team Archon was the sponsor and organiser of the whole tournament. Despite the little subtleties, which will be adjusted by the time the next Swiss Mode tournament takes place, we were very happy with the outcome. 

Besides the bigger tournament series, you can find our regular, daily tournaments from Monday to Friday from 11am till 5 pm. They take place every 2 hours and there are no breaks in between. And don’t forget our prime time 7pm tournament and –quite popular by now- our Little John starting at 8pm, where people who didn’t have the time before and/or had to wave the white flag in the first round of the 7 pm tournament can join.

We also have some news about additional games! Our Starcraft2 Section is, slowly but certainly, starting to grow. For the macro lovers among you we’re hosting a tournament every Sunday to find the macro god among you and to soon host (and fill) more and bigger tournaments for Jim Raynor. Furthermore we’ll try our best to start again hosting our daily 1vs1 Rocket League tournaments by next week at the latest!

If you’re interested in starting your own tourmanents, send me an emal at chris@strivewire.com and get informed about the ways to become a part of the StriveWire Project.

At last a big thank you to all participants, organisers, and our whole community: You’re awesome and we hope to be able to provide you with great eSport experience in the future as well!

~Strive for More


Your StriveWire Team





Update #7

The last weeks of the WCS Championship tournaments have started, the GamesCom in Cologne and the Grand Tournament. The long-desired expansion finally has arrived! It’s been a jam-packed, eventful month of August and again StriveWire says thanks to our awesome community! But first things first: what has happened so far? What’s new?

Let’s start, as usual, with the new upcoming tournaments next month! The WCS Qualifiers are over but instead of grieving about it we want to announce a new tournament series! Teufel now has decided to provide us with a ‚premium sound system‘ on a regular basis! But of course you already knew that because of the mail you got a few weeks back 😉

And of course there was the GamesCom! We were there. Not as guests like last time, but with our own booth! And it was great. Not only did we get to meet well-known names from the lobbies in person, but we also were able to make new contacts and introduce StriveWire to new people so that we can expand our already indredible community. For pictures have a look at our facebook page! There you’ll find pictures, posts and comments about the GamesCom!

Well, that’s been the August. What else is going to happen? I can promise you there are going to be new games (there’s a rumor about Rocket League and it’s about damn time that the first MOBA is brought in already, don’t you think? 😉 ) and that we’ll do our best to offer more hearthstone tournaments for EU and NA server. So far, so good. That’s it for now, see you at the tournaments!

Strive for More

Update #6

Summer, sun and Strivewire!

It’s already June and we know you haven’t heard a lot from us lately but that doesn’t mean that nothing was going on! The active players among you have experienced it first hand and given the chance we want to welcome our over 10.000 players to our community. And applause to all our members: despite the increasing number of players the fun and fairness during the tournaments haven’t decreased and for that a huge thanks to all of you!

Back to the news; what’s new? We’re still offering 16 slot tournaments with a small prize pool at 11 am, 1 pm, 3pm and 5 pm each day where you can compete against each other and show your strength. Also unchanged remain the daily tournaments at 7 pm and on Mondays and Thursdays we provide you with a little 64 slot Little John Tournament at 8 pm. So if you got kicked out of the main event or just couldn’t make it in time – join!

But what has changed is the offering on NA tournaments! From Sunday till Thursday you have the chance to register for StriveWire tournaments on the American server. This also includes the Tuesday Night Hype where you can earn qualification points for BlizzCon!

You may have noticed that more and more tournaments are being hosted by external providers (i.e. (vS), OGZ). Yes, it is possible to create and manage your own tournaments on StriveWire. If you’re interested just get in touch with us via Skype (Username: ‚StriveWire‘)!

That’s it for now! If you have any questions or suggestions just send a text on Skype or email. We’re always happy to hear from you guys!



Weekly Update

1 st of April has passed and we thought let’s skip the common and usually totally listless April fools! Instead we tried to provide our growing user community with a growing number of tournaments. With the exception of the Easter Holidays (we hope you guys partied hard!) we are now providing you with daily tournaments at 11 am, 1 pm, 3 pm and 5pm CET. There you can spend your afternoons competitively playing Hearthstone. You’ll compete for 2 € – to make it a bit more interesting for you guys.

Apart from that, Warcraft III is back on StriveWire and with the help and support of Catfish and Abstrakt we hope we can overcome the prevailing melancholy in Azreroth and cater for a some nice matches.


But you’re right. These are not big news for most of you. We’ve been offering those tournaments for a while now. Also Warcraft III has been on StriveWire before. Does that mean we have nothing new to show after such a long time? Of course we do! Now we also hold Entry Fee Cups each day at 4pm CET. You can register for 4.60€ and there will be a prize pool (with 8 participant) of 32 € to fight over. As usual your survival in the first round will make sure you can take home more than your entry fee was. Additionally we’ve created the Sunday Challenge, a 16-slot Entry Fee tournament with the same rules and regulations as mentioned above. We guess you’ll like that since there’s going to be a prize pool of 64 €!


Furthermore we want to apologize to you, our users, for yesterday’s and today’s inconveniences. Because of data base problems yesterday evening the Qualifier had to be postponed to Saturday, 11th of April 2015 at 6 pm CET. Also, the tournaments today (between 11 am and 3 pm) had to be cancelled due to maintenance service on the site, solve the issues and ensure the Qualifier tournament later today can take place as usual. We apologize again! We’re a rather young platform with a young community and we hope you’ll stay with us while we grow StriveWire – together!



Weekly Update #5

Soooo.. it’s time for another weekly update! Time passes by so quickly, weather is getting better and we have more and more tournaments. But of course we’re trying to surprise you and provide you with new features and general improvements. What has happened since the last update ? Let me think.. a lot ! The first Qualifier we announced proudly and with full excitement had to be rescheduled and was then a huge success. This weekly tournament will now take place -attention please!!- 3 times a week ! Each week on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays! In order to break the monotony of one single mode the tournaments will be held in Hero Elimination and Conquest Mode! Our other tournaments are already held in the new Conquest mode introduced by Blizzard for the upcoming World Championship. All that makes us really happy and I want to thank every single one of you! I believe we have built a very nice community and even the way we behave with each other in the lobby and chat rooms is very pleasent and presentable.

Here’s the outlook for the coming weeks: After the intruduction of the check-out button we’ll add a timer for picking (and banning) heros (at the moment we’re concidering 10 minutes). Furthermore we’re in the process of including our first official Caster MaynardTCox regularly in our tournamnets. Also, you can keep looking for our Entry-fee tournaments. *Maybe* you’ll be able to find them soon….

This week, pelle5k is the man to beat!

Strive For More