A sit down with last weeks Hearthstone winner ‚TwoBiers‘

As we will hold our second Hearthstone pre-Launch cup today, we took the opportunity to sit down with last weeks winner ‚TwoBiers‘. He answered a couple of questions regarding the tournament, who he is and what his plans are.

StriveWire: Congratulations to your success in the Hearthstone StriveWire pre-Launch Cup #1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

TwoBiers: Thank you very much, first of all. My Name is Tobias  Graap, I am 20 years old and live in Berlin. Whilst waiting for my studies to begin, I am jobbing and playing a little Hearthstone in my spare time.

StriveWire: When did you start playing Hearthstone and have you ever participated in other tournaments?

TwoBiers: I was introduced to HS at LAN Berlin, as a lot of people played it inbetween games. I started shortly after that, which was around half way into the first season and play it regularly ever since.

A couple of months ago I started participating in tournaments, such as the Zotac-Cup actively. Sometimes I also play ESL, but all of that depends on the amount of time and motivation I have.

One can meet me at the eSports-Bar “Meltdown Berlin” where there is a small Hearthstone Tournament every week that I’ve won a couple of times. Besides smaller online tournaments, the victory in the pre-Launch Cup was, with respect to the prize pool, the biggest success so far.

StriveWire: Considering you only play a little HS when you find the time, this sounds almost pro! Did you enjoy the cup? Will we see you trying to defend your title and what is your take on the tournaments’ skill level?

TwoBiers: I wouldn’t consider myself as professional, as I do not play in a team or the like. I’ve had a couple of offers, but nothing that really suited me so far, but who knows, if success keeps coming I might take a more professional approach and you’ll hear from me ;).
I’ve had a lot of fun, as playing tournaments is what I enjoy most in Hearthstone at the moment. In the first rounds, my opponents were rather easy to defeat, but then former and current Legend-players appeared. In other events I feel like I meet more legends or famous players, but maybe I got lucky too. I’d love to participate again, should I be available.

StriveWire: Do you play any other games on a comparable level, and do you stream your gameplay?

TwoBiers: Before I started Hearthstone I played League of Legends on Diamond level and also won the last LAN Berlin with my team at the time. Currently I am focused on HS, but unfortunately I cannot stream at the moment because of my poor connection. As soon as I move for my studies, this will hopefully change.

StriveWire: Well, we wish you the best of luck for your next tournaments! Hopefully we will see you around and thanks for the interview, Tobias!