Early Weekend Cup #4 Champion „Superdiogo“

We just grabbed Superdiogo, the Winner of our Early Weekend Cup #4, a Hearthstone Player having ambitious goals from Portugal!

StriveWire: Congratulations for winning our Enjoy the Weekend Cup #4 on StriveWire.com! Please introduce yourself shortly for our audience.

Superdiogo: Thanks! Well, before anything my name is Diogo China I’m from Portugal and I play for Grow uP Gaming, a registered organization from Portugal! I enjoy playing Hearthstone and i want to become a professional player! Thats pretty much it 🙂

StriveWire: Well, ambitious goal! Tell us a little bit about your organization and your Hearthstone milestones! When did you start playing and was StriveWire your first tournament you participated in?

Superdiogo: Yes its indeed ! Well, Grow uP Gaming is really professional and help us with everything what we need, its pretty much a familiy! Regarding my awards, i won a few Hearthstone cups here and there and i’m currently sitting at top 5 on ESL Ladder EU! I started playing early in 2014 I believe, but then when I reached legend I stopped for a while because of CS:GO! And no, it wasn’t my first tournament but it was indeed really nice! And hopefully I can win more! 🙂

StriveWire: Wohoo that sounds quite impressive! What about the WCS Qualifier, are you going to gather the qualifier points in order to qualify for the World Championship Regional?
Superdiogo: Yes, I’ll try to do that for sure! I’m trying to reach top 100 this season so I can get 1 point! But It’s quite hard!

StriveWire: There are other tournaments providing participants with the qualifier points! Hope we will see you striving for them in the StriveWire Qualifiers! What about streaming, are you casting your games for the community? Can we find somewhere some vod’s?

Superdiogo: Huh, I don’t cast but I do have a Facebook page and a stream that I stream sometimes, and yes I’ll play the qualifier here on strivewire! 🙂

StriveWire: Great! What do you think about the general skill level in the StriveWire tournaments? And whats your hearthstone playstyle, what kind of decks do you prefer?

Superdiogo: Well, I have meet really good players here and some of them are my friends so I really enjoy playing here! Well, I kinda prefer control and mid range decks! Such as, ramp druid, mid range paladin, freeze mage and rogue! Sometimes I play mech mage but I prefer the others!

StriveWire: Well, thank you for this interview! The StriveWire Team wishes you good luck with your plans, and hopefully you will reach your goals!

Superdiogo: Thank you so much Spammer and I wish good luck for future tournaments aswell! 🙂