Sintolol Takes No Mustache Cup #14

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Sintolol Takes No Mustache Cup #14

Sintolol has been on a hot streak as of recent taking back to back 1st place tournament finishes in hotly contested open tournaments for HWCT Points. We caught up with Sinto and asked him some questions and gained some insight to what he attributes his recent success to and how he goes about preparing for these large open tournaments.

Here is what top 4 looked like for No Mustache Cup #14.

Lirico 3 vs 1 mrbagel
Sintolol 3 vs 2 Kyabet

Bronze Match
Kyabet 3 vs 1 mrbagel

Sintolol 3 vs 2 Lirico

Can you introduce yourself Sintolol and how you’re feeling after just winning No Mustache Cup #14?

Hey guys, my name is Thomas, or known as Sintolol in game, 20 years old and from Germany, I love card games for a long time now, played a lot of yu-gi-oh and pokemon before, just not competitive. I am playing Hearthstone for about 2 years now and I really like the competitive part of it, it is just a lot of fun to play tournament and ladder and see that you are able to reach the goals you set yourself. After this long and exhausting tournament victory I am feeling great, also because it is the second win of this series in a row! I am really glad that my deck choices worked out great, especially the warrior otk list, that makes it worth staying up to 9AM.

Speaking about the deck choices let’s give our readers a chance to take a look at the lineup you played throughout the tournament. Which included some very interesting choices.

sintolol deck2 sintolol deck 4  sintolol deck 3  sintolol deck1


That’s right! The tournament was a North American one, but you live in Germany so it must have been very exhausting. Speaking about your lineup can you tell us a bit why you decided to bring each deck starting with the very interesting OTK Worgen warrior deck? Did you gather any inspiration from Crane who has been bringing this deck to the competitive scene as of recent?

I myself just like aggro and fast decks so the games go faster, that’s why I usually bring a pretty aggressive or fast lineup, also it is just super effective in the current meta. The Otk warrior is actually completely build by myself and no one inspired me, I love the deck and its idea behind it, the surprise momentum it has gives you so much wins because a lot of players expect patron or control in the first place, that’s why it gets banned most of the time.

Agreed it most certainly gives you leeway with your lineup when opponents may think it is patron or control. You say you prefer faster/aggressive lineups which shows in your lineup for the tournament. Speaking about the tournament what do you think is the best advice for players who have a hard time in open tournaments like this making at least top 4?

So Hearthstone is still Hearthstone after all, people are getting rewarded for playing bad and all that kind of stuff, it just happens, it happens to everyone, don’t let that take you down. You will see, if you play a lot of tournaments, get the experience and are pretty good at Hearthstone in general, you will make progress and reach Top 4 or more at some point. Get yourself a training group to try different lineups and discuss tactics. Another point I think is that a lot of people are playing the current top meta decks, but are not familiar with them. You have to play a lot of games to see how you have to play the specific deck in the specific match up. Don’t queue up Combo druid just because it is overpowered. Improve with every class to always be at top of the game and you will get results.

Yup there is always a certain luck/rng factor, but playing optimally constantly helps a lot especially in large opens like this. You mentioned you built the OTK warrior yourself, how exactly do you do your deck building and card choices when building decks or preparing for a tournament?

So I only play decks I am having fun with, that’s why I chose OTK Warrior, after building a list I took it to ladder and tried a lot with it, challenged some friends to see where the weakness and the strength of it is. After a lot of messing around I am happy with it, but there is always the possibility of changes, you just have to fit and counter the meta.

When making a tournament lineup it is pretty obvious to have every deck in the game countered by at least one of yours, it is also important to take your time in the banning phase that you are able to get those good match ups you need.

You mentioned testing with a group or with friends something that can help a lot in preparing for a tournament. Do you have anyone in specific that your practice with?

I actually don’t and have to do it all by myself but I would love to have something or someone like that.

Yes a practice group is definitely something a lot of established players use so I’am sure it would be great to have. Sintolol Thank for your time lastly do you have any last thoughts or any shout outs to make?

Hearthstone is Rng my friends, don’t get too tilted. If you like leave a follow @Sintolol! Thanks for having me and have a great day


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