Thirsty Thursday #8 Champion ‚HSLove‘

The first entry-fee based StriveCups just finished and our homepage reveived the first visual update, we were furthermore able to interview ‚HSLove‘, the ambitious winner of our eighth Thirsty Thursday!

StriveWire: Congratulations on your win of the Thirsty Thursday #8 on! As an introduction, please tell us a little bit about yourself.

HSLove: Thank you! I’m Love, a 19 year old guy from Sweden who plays a lot of hearthstone. I currently live at my parents place and I’m trying to get involved in the professional hearthstone scene, by streaming, playing tons of ladder games and of course tournaments when they’re available!

StriveWire: Sounds like an ambitious plan! When did you start playing Hearthstone and at which point did you think: „Well, I want to enter the professional scene“?

HSLove:  I have played hearthstone for about 1,5 years as of now I believe. I used to just play casually, since I had a competitive interest in Dota 2, which didn’t really allow me to be as serious about playing hearthstone.

About 2-3 months ago I quit my team in Dota and decided to go for something on my own, and since I really enjoyed playing Hearthstone it naturally seemed like the best choice for me!

StriveWire: Seems like you’ve been quite succesful in eSports before. Did you enter a Hearthstone clan afterwards or are you still looking for one while streaming and participating in tournaments on your own? Was the Thirsty Thursday your first „title“ or have you participated succesfully in tournaments before?

HSLoveWe were in the stage where we still had a lot of work to do to breakthrough in the scene, but it didn’t really work out. I don’t have a team or a clan in hearthstone at the moment, I haven’t been actively looking for one, since right now streaming and participating in tournaments on my own seems fine!

Thirsty Thursday was indeed my first tournament title, and it felt really good to win since I lost my first final. Winning really felt like a boost and it helps me motivate myself to go on!

StriveWire: That sounds like you enjoyed our cup! What is your take on the tournament’s skill level and will we see you fighting to defend your title?

HSLove: I sure did! The skill level differs a lot, which is to be expected when anyone can enter, and that’s mostly a good thing in my opinion, because it gives players who are inexperienced competitively a chance to explore and learn how to play in such an environment. It definitely helped me find the decks and playstyle I find most comfortable with in these circumstances! You will definitely see me trying to defend my title this week!

StriveWire: Great to hear that! Where can we find your stream and can we follow your tournament games on it? How much time are you putting into your stream?

HSLove: You can find my stream at!  I’m currently putting a lot of time into streaming and I will broadcast most of my tournament games from it too!

StriveWire: Well, thank you for your time and the interview, Love. We wish you the best of luck for your plans and maybe we will even see you again for another interview after defending your title!

HSLoveThanks for having me!