Happy New Year <3


Thanks for the support and all the fun and lovely moments we have shared this year. Counting our blessings and wishing you even more!

We hope this year will be as prosperous and exciting as 2017! As people say:

Out with the old, in with the new; cheers to the future and all that we do!

Happy New Year and have a great 2018!

Your StriveWire Team


🏆💰 Less fees 😎 more winnings on StriveWire! 💰🏆


We are excited to announce that we have massively decreased the fees for StriveNow 1vs1 challenges and Sit&Go cash tournaments from previously 15 % to now only 3%.

This means that you can now win more money than ever before by playing on StriveWire!

We are excited to meet you soon in one of our tournaments:

  • Hearthstone Cash tournaments
  • Fifa 2017 Cash tournaments

Best regards,

Beni and Chris


HCT Hearthstone Tournament Powered By Arctic

We are excited to announce that StriveWire has joined forces with Arctic Gaming to raise the stakes for an upcoming HCT Qualifier Hearthstone Tournament. Arctic Gaming has put one of the P533 headsets on the line and we are excited to see who will come claim the prize.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Arctic Gaming for being so committed to the growth of the Hearthstone community. We also want to thank all of the players for making StriveWire the website and community that it is today, without you none of this would be possible. The details of the tournament are below.

When: ! Saturday MAY 27th 17:00 UTC!

Where: https://strivewire.com/tournament/16797/lobby

The Prize:  Arctic P533 Gaming Headset

We look forward to seeing you all on the 27th!

League of Legends Tournaments Powered by GamerSensei

The StriveWire team is excited to announce a new partnership with GamerSensei! Some of you may know that League of Legends 1v1 tournaments have become the new exciting tournament feature on StriveWire. Well, after seeing this positive feedback we decided that it was time to take these tournaments to the next level and Gamersensei agrees with us.

GamerSensei has agreed to sponsor the prize pools of StriveWire’s League of Legends tournaments for the next month. This is exciting news for everyone involved. It opens the door to many exciting possibilities between StriveWire and GamerSensei and also raises the stakes for you, the players! We would like to take this time to thank GamerSensei for their sponsorship and their dedication to the growth of the League of Legends community. A sponsorship of this nature shows that Gamersensei cares a great amount about the community and wants to make sure that it has as bright of a future as possible. We would also like to thank all of you who have supported the growth of StriveWire by playing these tournaments. None of this would be possible without all of you.

Thank you again for all of your support,

Your StriveWire Team



Throne of Cards IV – Qualifier on StriveWire.com

On April 8th Lifecoach is inviting the #Hearthstone Pro Scene to Vienna for a very special tournament.

You want to participate in the Throne of Cards IV, challenge
SuperJJ, Dima “Rdu“ Radu, Stanislav Cifka, mryagutC4mlann, Xixo
and strive for the prize pool of 5.000 €?

Then visit StriveWire.com, win one of the three open qualifiers and find yourself being casted on twitch.tv/lifecoach1981!

1⃣1⃣ https://strivewire.com/tournament/16644 1⃣1⃣
 18th of March, 12 pm CET

2⃣2⃣ https://strivewire.com/tournament/16645 2⃣2⃣
🕑🕑 26th of March, 2 pm CET 🕑🕑

3⃣3⃣ https://strivewire.com/tournament/16646 3⃣3⃣
🕢🕢 29th of March, 6:30 pm CET 🕢🕢

#ToC #strivewire 

Checkout https://www.egoperspektive.at/…/throne-of-cards-iv-spring-…/ for more detailed information!

Saturday Night Cup #2 powered by ROCCAT

Great News for our EU #hearthstone players!

The second edition of the Saturday Night Cup powered by ROCCAT will take place this Saturday, the 18th of February at 7 pm CET!
Additionally to the #HCT points which allows you to qualify for the Hearthstone World Championship, #roccat sponsors a brand new Roccat Isku+ Force FX keyboard for the first place!

 Saturday, 19th of February 7 pm CET
 ROCCAT Isku+ Force FX [110 € Retail Prize]

See you on Saturday!


Rocket League is back on StriveWire!

We are happy to announce that both #RocketLeague and twitch.tv/derzwerghd are back on StriveWire!

Together with our beloved Rocket League caster we organize a new monthly Rocket League tournament series the #ZwergenTurnier!

The first edition will take place the 17th of February (Friday) with a buyin of 2 € and a total prize pool of 81,60 € for 16 teams!!

Grab your spot at https://strivewire.com/tournament/14903
and show us your Rocket League plays, we look forward to some epic matches!